Thursday, December 21, 2006

A success... indeed!

well BikeCraft was a really great event and S.G.S & C.G.N.F feel it was a great sucess.

people came, they check out the crafts, they bought, they hung out, they drank apple cider, they lounged on the couches, they ate ginger snaps, they bought books at Spartacus.

people said it was a good event and i think that has a lot to do with it being at Spartacus Books. it is a lovely space and is warm and cozy.

thanks to all who came and participated. we hope you feel good about it.

i hope to organize another BikeCraft in the late spring of 2007. so get crafting!!!


Friday, December 15, 2006

BikeCraft makes me swoon.

already you've read, and had time to digest the amazingness, about some of the wonderful crafters involved, but perhaps now you're ready for some more?
i suppose i could do that for you...

Luna C...
funky necklaces made of reclaimed wood bits, wrist cuffs and practice poi.
Amanda Hill...
are you ready for this?... fetish toys made of reclaimed bike parts ad materials. hot.
Agent Standard Deviation of the Sprockettes...
strait up from PDX, we're getting access to the calendars, wares and crafts of these lovely matriarchs of fun...
Nancy Pants...
bad-ass christmas stockings.
Amy Walker...
not just the mama of momentum mag, but also the crafter behind the accessories you need to look as good as you feel on your bike.
Sara Sahulka...
tool bags, silk flowers, belly warmers and strange scarves...
Chris B....
only the hottest 1" action in town.

Whoot! see you sunday!!
***also***I'm working on the possible probability of mulled wine... tasty, i know. come early, that stuff doesn't last long, especially in december!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lovers Love BikeCraft

though you might like to take a gander at the rad folk creating wonderous creations for BikeCraft:

Zoot Katz : wicked wild recycled belts from bike tires

Merida Anderson: cute bike bags for girls with little things & bike locks

pol.b: reflector fun for helmets & faux fir pant straps

Lori K: bike paintings, collage & mixed media

Marie Horstead: super fantastic Top Tube Protectors

Cara G.N. Fisher: sweet bike tool bags, cool safety bling: be safe be seen, bike pads & the All Business All Style paniers (briefcase & bowling bag paniers)

Organ of Fire:
clothes hand made and undividually designed,belts, hand warmers, hair clips, undies, home made lip gloss

more t
o come.... stay tuned....

Friday, December 8, 2006

BikeCraft is for Lovers.

well, looks like things are really coming together for ms. fish and ms. sahulka.

the evnt will be held at spartacus books, a non-profit, volunteer run radical bookstore (located at 319 w. hastings for those of you silly chitlins who havent made it down there yet!!!), and its going to be awsome. there are about a dozen beautiful crafters offering up devine decadence in many forms... from d.i.y. saftety to clothing to bike bling to velolove love letters. not only will there be amazing and lovely kids doing amazing and lovely things, but now its also going to take place in an amzing and lovely space! (*okay, im busted, im a part of spartacus, and yes... i want more people to use and abuse the space!! in fact, you might even want to take a gander at their website...

...and see what they got going on!!)

so, there is still minimal time to get in on the action... if youre a crafter, chances are youre crafting for the horrific consumeristic monstrocity that is xmas... so why not make extra crafts and extra money in return? and, if youre not a crafter(we can still be friends, maybe...) and youve finished crying about it, you can dry your eyes and remember this is the perfect opportunity to get some one-of-a-kind, locally produced, often hand-made presents for yourself, (just to fuck with the santa system) or buy for others, if you have a family like mine who turns my anti-consumerism christmas rage into an excuse not to have to buy presents... not true, p.s.

either way, get your ass on a bike, or on the bus, or use your legs and get down to spartacus next sunday, december 17th. 12 noon. sharpish.
last time...
319 w. hastings
2nd floor
(its really beautiful, you should be there right now!)

happy biking, and even happier crafting.
or did i mean that the other way around?

Monday, November 13, 2006

BikeCraft :: Dec. 17 2006

Hey there!

so BikeCraft is a craft event celebrating the art of bikes and bike riders...

...and we want you to participate...

we are in the process of organizing it.. so stay tuned for FINAL details.. here is what we know..

date -- Dec. 17
place -- tba

we want your art and craftyness...

.. we want this to be free/cheap /affordable for us all, so the only fee/cost will be to cover a venue rental (if necessary) ....

contact us at xxbikecraftxx (at) gmail dot com